Soul Star Energy Healing

Customer Testimonials

I felt like my body was floating in clouds.   No stress, no pain, just relaxation and the overwhelming feeling of comfort.   At one point I felt like I was on a river my head bobbing to stay afloat, then through a tunnel back up to floating. 
I felt great peace as I floated.

At my head, my face felt swollen and numb, and my body felt very heavy.  Once Stacey touched my forehead, it was if the "swelling" was going down and my body felt airy.
At my lower chest (ribs), I had a hard time breathing at first, as though there was too much pressure and my breathing quickened.  After a little bit I felt more relaxed and it was easier to breathe.
All throughout my legs, I was getting pulses, or twitches, throughout my body in my legs, my back and my hands.
At some point I felt immense pressure in my forehead and eyes that slowly just went away as you continued.
My left ear felt like there was something cool dripping out of it when Stacey was at my lower body, and once Stacey's hands were on my head, I heard my breathing through my nose and ear very loudly inside my head.
When I got off the table I felt very calm and relaxed

I initially I saw green and purple colors.  Later that changed to orange and yellow.  At times I became aware of my breathing and even felt it in my head.   I could not decide if I felt heavy or weightless, I felt tiny and at times paper thin.
The best part is that I felt very protected and safe as if I had something surrounding me particularly round my head.