Soul Star Energy Healing

Stacey Roy-Christ

I began my energy work journey after an accident in 2010 left me with severe head trauma.   As per doctors orders, I did nothing initially but rested.  For three months, I laid in bed dealing with the pain pressure and spinning.  I was lost in feeling sorry for myself and nothing changed.
Then one day I had a single thought that changed everything!  "I will not give up one more day of my life."  Although the doctors told me that my brain had not reset and quite possibly might never, I knew deep inside that this was only temporary.  There was a reason for all of this. So I kept moving.  I changed my thoughts and energies and the shift began.  I did physical therapy and vision therapy for a year.  Everyday I
meditated to deal with the pain in lieu of the drugs they threw at me.  I visualized what it would FEEL like to see and think clearly with no pain again.  I gave gratitude each and very day for the blessings in my life, turning adversity and self pity into simply part of my journey.  And every day I recited the phrase "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better."

Two years later, it was approximately 70% better but I still had significant pain and pressure in my head, and my vision never fully corrected itself.  Neurologists were of no help, informing me that there was nothing else to be done.  That felt wrong to me.  I began researching for an answer on my own and came across the premise and benefits of energy work.  Something resonated within me and I committed to three times per week for three months.  By the end of the three months the pain and pressure was gone and by six months my vision came back completely.  Something opened up inside of me and I clearly knew I had found my soul's purpose.

I had always felt surrounded and guided by divine presences throughout my life.  The head injury brought it all to the forefront, creating a shift within me and making it all accessible.

It has now become my honor and passion to help others who are lost, in pain, or surrounded by negative thoughts and energies to regain the
joy that is absolutely available to them.

Reiki Master
Master level IET
Certified Consulting Hypnotist
Trained in the Simpson Protocol