Soul Star Energy Healing






Current research reveals that electromagnetic forces are the foundation of all life.  Scientists are now proving what many Eastern medicine traditions have known for thousands of years-that our bodies not only contain “physical systems” (such as our circulatory or lymphatic systems), they are also made up of “energetic systems” that play a critical role in our health and well-being.  Energy flows along prescribed pathways through our bodies much like blood moves through arteries. These pathways are recognized and actively used today in many alternative and preventative health care practices to balance and clear blockages in our energy systems: blockages that impact the way we feel physically, mentally and emotionally.









As the brain stores the data (names, dates, sequence of events) as related to our traumas, so does the body store the emotions related to our stories.


We stuff (suppress) the energy of our experiences when the event is too much for our emotional circuitry to handle. We stuff, or suppress it to best deal with it another time.


When we experience physical or emotional trauma, surgery, disease, suppressed feelings, stress or fear in current or previous life events our energy flow becomes restricted. These restrictions create “energy blocks” similar to a beaver dam blocking the flow of a river. Energy blocks can remain with us for years and lifetimes.


When energy flow is restricted our body reacts by creating or making us susceptible to diseases, emotional and mental disorders, spiritual disconnection and a perceived inability to cope and move forward with our health and life wellness.

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